Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union.

The State of the Union Address took place on the evening of Wednesday, January 26, 2010. In recent months, President Obama’s poll numbers have been on the decline, but yet he still believes this is the time for ‘change’ and we, as the people will see it. The two biggest issues concerning the president right now is creating jobs (which will help the economy) and preventing another attack on American soil.

There was a recent Supreme Court Case about weather or not large corporations can make unlimited campaign commercials and have unlimited donations. President Obama says that is problematic and will open the doors to special interest groups. This relates to the recent State of the Union address because as President Obama was speaking, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, publicly shuck his head repeatedly and mouthed the words “not true.” This all took place live on TV as the President publicly criticized the high court’s ruling to remove corporate campaign spending limits.

If I could ask the president one thing, I would ask to see his time table for getting us out of this economic recession. Although he will not take any of the blame, he freely signed up for the job knowing full well what it would entail, therefore should have a plan of action for lowing the unemployment rates and getting small business back on their feet.

(Article about Supreme Court Alito’s reaction to the Presidents State of the Union address: