Monday, September 28, 2009

Common Sense?

Common Sense by Thomas Paine was written to address the tyranny against the British government towards the people that lived in the American Colonies. For me, this document wasnt "common Sense" to read. It was hard to understand it at some points because of the way it was written. The style and language used is very different from modern writing, but back when Thomas Paine wrote this document, the language was easily understood by many people.

When Thomas Paine first wrote Common Sense in 1776, it challenged the British government. He used plain language and writing style so a wide variety of people would be able to read and understand the document.

The main point in Thomas Paine's Common Sense was to show to the people the way King George was running the government and looking out for the people. He demonstrated and explained the role that government should and should not play in society.

This was the first document which openly asked for independence from Great Britain. Common Sense spread the message of independence to many people in the American colonies, encouraging them to keep fighting for their independence.

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  1. Great point on the language differences in the first paragraph. I would have liked you to explain the apparant contradiction of why people were able to understand it in 1776. Nice point on how it was the first document to openly advocate independence. Try to make the language you use a bit less conversational. 18/20