Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Federal Bureaucracy

Is the Federal Bureaucracy too big?

The Federal Bureaucracy is an organization that allows for workers to perform the necessary services needed. The Bureaucrats are able to communicate with each other, maintain accountability, interpret the law, and successfully implement the objectives of an organization. Over the last 25 years, the size of the Federal Bureaucracy has remained stable. Congress has delegated authority to the Federal Bureaucracy by granting agencies the power of drafting rule-making and adjusting to conflicts. The Federal Bureaucracy resembles the nations other branches of government.

The Federal Bureaucracy is not too big to be effective, yet it is large enough to get the job done. The size allows for multiple people of different opinions and view points to get an input, but not to large as to where nothing gets done. Congress is in charge of making sure that the Federal Bureaucracy properly executes all of there functions.

Officials in the Federal Bureaucracy are department staffed. Some people think that it is too powerful, but if that were the over whelming majority, they would do something about it. The power that the Federal Bureaucracy has is all necessary. The number has fluctuated in recent years, but has remained constant with the growing population. With the greater amount of people in an area, more people (Bureaucrats) are need to look after the people. Within the Federal Bureaucracy, everything is self sufficient and able to run smoothly alone.

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