Wednesday, March 24, 2010

US Capital Visit

Today, Wednesday March 24th our AP and regular government classes boarded the bus at 6:30am and was off to DC. The day had its highs and lows but was over all a great day (besides the make up work I now need to do!) We had a vip tour scheduled to view the capital. Unfortunately, we got off to a last start and hit some traffic along the way and missed out tour. Luckily enough, we were about to get in on a regular tour. The tour was more 'history' then 'government' in my opinion but still i learned something new. I have never seen the paintings in the capital dome which were really a beauty. And the room with 14 karat gold paint with the light pink behind it was my favorite! I was not able to get any photos because i didn't bring in my cell phone or camera when i was told we could not have them on the tour (when we still thought we had the vip one). Our stay at the Capital was fun, then we walked to the Newseum, which was awesome! I will definitely be going back.

The day started off early, and unfortunately we missed the great tour but we will still about to see the US Capital, a great experience for everyone. The field trip was fun, time to start planning the next one!

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