Thursday, December 10, 2009

People fighting for their rights- December 10, 2009

Haymarket Massacre- Labor rights

The Haymarket Square Massacre too place in Chicago in 1886. Workers wanted an 8 hour work day and the companies did not think they should have to limit workers hours. The workers decided to form a rebellion and go on strike. Once on strike, things broke out into chaos. All the workers wanted was shorter 8 hour work days, but things got out of hand. One day there as a massacre when workers fired back at police

Women's Rights

In the early 1920's women were expected to take care of the house, the children, and do what their husbands asked of them. On August 26th, 1920 the 19th amendment was finally passed granting women the right to vote. Still today in 2009, many women feel like they do not have equal rights compared to men. But does voting really make you equal? No, allowing women to vote does allow them to have an input into society but in 1923, then the National Women's council tried to get laws passed to grant women equal rights. Although the specific law was never passed, women are thought of as having equal rights to men.

I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech is one of the most memorable speeches in history. He talks about standing up for your rights and rise to the challenge. When Martin Luther King gave his famous speech in Washington DC in August of 1963, there were many white people in the audience of 200,000 that supported him. He was asking for racial equality and for an end to discrimination. In his speech he was able to education people of the inequalities that African Americans were facing and also inspire them to rise above it.

Hewy Newton

Hewy Newton fought for equal rights between all people, even homosexuals. He said you must respect all people. People "must gain security in ourselves and therefor have respect for all people."

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