Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Washington Post Article Reviews

1. Gate crashers at the White House

Tarq and Michaele Salahi are one of the most talked about couples in the country right now. They claim that they were invited to the White House dinner but they were not on the guest list. But how did this happen, many Americans are asking? At each Secret Service checkpoint, the workers assumed that they would be caught at a further check point. The Salahi's did not "crash" the White House dinner to show faults in the Secret Service, but to hopefully get a spot on a TV show, "The Real Housewives of DC." The Salahi's were able to snap a photo with President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, as well as other notable people such at Katie Couric. I don't know what is more shocking, the fact that Tarq and Michaele Salahi were about to get past security or that they had the guts to do something like that! As the story had been unfolding, there has been reports that the Salahi's are known for party crashing. Attending events with Oprah, Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am, and other notable figures. It is not yet clear weather or not the Salahi's will face any criminal charges or what is to come for them, but it is clear the heightened security will be in case for further White House events.

2. Up the intrigure: Let a stranger divide a couple

On Wednesday, Sally Quinn of the Washington Post published an article on weather or not couples should be seated next to one another at a dinner party. This discussion has taken place because at the recent White House State dinner, the Obama's sat a different tables, as well as the prime minister and his wife. Author of this article, Sally Quin, believes that couples sitting at separate table for a dinner party is actually good. It allows them to socialize then with other people and not be worried about the kids back home or deciding who would be picking up the dry cleaning and taking little Billy to soccer practice. Separate table allow for couples to talk to multiple people in one night. Quinn says it is fine for couples to be seated at the same table, but recommends sitting across from one another rather then right next to. This is something I had never thought much about, it is generally common for couples to sit next to each other when out at social events. Sally Quinn reports that many women in LA don't want their husbands sitting next to other beautiful women. This article has sparked some discussion between couples, but as for now, it is socially acceptable to sit next to your spouse or at a different table without causing a lot of discussion.

3. Newseum trims its staff once again

In April of 2008, the Newseum reopened its doors at a larger location. It is one of Washington's newest attractions and since opening in the spring has already trimmed its staff twice. many visitors continue to come to the Newseum but the struggling economy is bringing in diminished donations which forces the Newseum to make cuts. Just recently, the Newseum cut 26 full time positions and 13 part time personal. Although the number of people who are visiting the Newseum continues to increase the amount they are able to donate is diminishing. With this struggling economy, it is sad to hear of anyone loosing a job and company that are forced to make budget cuts and lay off employees, but it must be done. Hopefully, by 2010 author Jacqueline Trescott reports, the Smithsonian's budget will be back on track.

4. No criminal charges for Woods

$164 may be a lot of money for a traffic violation to the average citizen, but to Tiger Woods, that's nothing. $164 is how much the Florida Highway Patrol issued a citation for after Woods was in a single car-crash Thanksgiving night outside his home. There were no traces of alcohol in Wood's system when the accident took place nor any other substance therefor Wood's was only charged with "careless driving." The idea of domestic violence has been brought up during the investigation but Woods refuses that allegation. Both Tiger Woods and his wife Elin decline to meet with Florida Highway Patrol investigators. I have a feeling this wont be the end of the investigation, but give the guy a break. We don't need to know where he was going, that's his personal life. If Woods chooses to make a statement that should be done by his freewill, for now he will take the $164 fine for careless driving.

5. 'Cyber Monday' traffic rises 8%

We have all herd of 'Black Friday' before, the biggest shopping days of the holiday season. For many retailers 'Black Friday' offers great discounts and price check to kick off the holiday season, hoping to bring the store out of the red and into the green. in recent year, "cyber Monday' has became popular. It used the be the day when everyone would be back at work doing online shopping for any items that they weren't able to scout on on 'Black Friday.' These days, most people have computers at home, which makes "Cyber Monday" even more exciting. Many stores offer free shipping and other deep discounts to lour in consumers. this year, about 8% more people participated in 'Cyber Monday.' Though I must say I participated in both 'Black Friday' shopping at the mall and 'Cyber Monday' from the comfort of my own home, I much rather preferred online shopping then waiting in long lines in front of frantic shoppers on 'Black Friday.'

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