Monday, December 14, 2009

Washington Post Articles!

In a recent Washington Post article, the problem of age based job discrimination is brought up. A 63 year-old women has been unemployed for a year and a half, during that time she has spent the money she had saved for retirement and will now need to work for an additional 10 years. she has applied to hundreds of jobs and gone to numerous interviews but never gets the job, why? her age! Elizabeth Razzi wrote that more mature applicants should now include a photo of themselves which will call attention to their older age. Although businesses are not allowed to discriminate on age, sex, religion, or nationality, it is something many applicants are aware of.

2. Same-sex marriage
Introduced in October, a bill allows for same-sex marriage in the District. This has caused a bit of controversy for Catholic organizations. In 2001 in Portland a law was passed requiring company's to give equal benefits to same-sex spouses. Catholic Charities refused to sign. They were able to do this because health benefits are regulated by federal law. Federal law does not require employers to recognize same-sex domestic spouses, therefore private employers can not be made too. In DC, a similar battle has been going on. Should employers have to offer benefits to same-sex spouses? Everyone must follow the law, and Catholic Charities has "no basis for demanding a special religious exemption." The debate on whether Catholic Charities will have to pay for benefits in same-sex domestic partnerships is still underway.

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